However,Why chair massage? Articles despite the work I do to “professionalize” massage, I have what other massage therapists would consider a strange obsession. I’m obsessed with… …the simple back massage! I’m referring to back rubs in massage chairs. My peers don’t understand why I’m so crazy about what seems to be a silly little massage service and they wonder: Why on earth does Eric like chair massage so much? I’m crazy about seated chair massage because I firmly believe that it is able to make massage accessible to anyone. A survey from the Ontario government discloses that only two and a half percent of the 강남안마 public has had a massage in the past year. How can that be? You see massage in the media so frequently. You’d think that everyone gets massage. When you massage a friend’s neck and shoulders how likely are they to say, “Stop that! I really don’t like all that pleasure. It feels awful. ” Never in a million years because if they are a normal human being they love massage. We definitely have to get touch for our nervous systems to function normally. So it makes sense that touch is associated with the pleasure centers in our brain. Every survival function is connected to those pleasure centers in the mid-brain region – just like sex and eating. Our nervous systems are hardwired to guarantee that we get what we need. If touch is so necessary for our survival why doesn’t everyone get massage treatments. To find the answer you have to look at table massage Put yourself in the consumer’s place and think about your massage as though you’re completely new to it all: In order to get a massage you have to go into a tiny treatment room behind a closed door, take off your clothing and lie prone on a massage table while a stranger massages oil all over you. Not only that, you need to fork over a lot of money for the opportunity. It bothersome for massage therapists to think of massage treatments from a perspective like this, but mostly, that’s the PUBLIC PERCEPTION or massage. From that viewpoint, it looks as if the massage industry is deliberately looking to discourage individuals from utilizing massage therapy. It’s important to see the psychological obstacles that are really hindering possible clients from using Swedish massage. These are what businesses usually refer to as objections. I’ve surveyed the public and massage professionals to answer the question: Why don’t people use massage regularly? In other words, what are the blocks or the objections? You’d be surprised at the answers. Uncover some of these objections and how you can counter them subscribe to the free 5-part mini online course offered by BodyworkBiz. Go here to sign up:


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