Often people are caught up in the excitement of an opportunity and fail to fully consider all the details. This is one reason why it is a good idea to have professional help in reviewing a business opportunity, whether it is from an accountant or lawyer. Outsiders can sometimes spot key details that you have overlooked. Because they are not caught up in the emotion of the opportunity, they can be more objective.

A business opportunity involves the sale or lease of products, services, equipment, or real estate that will enable someone to operate a business. The promoter of a business opportunity is required to provide potential investors with complete pre-sale information in the form of a disclosure document. Some states impose additional licensing and disclosure requirements.

A trademark of a business opportunity scam is overblown 경산 op promises of instant riches. For example, one ad for a pay telephone scheme read: “Get 96 sites and retire!” Another scam trademark is false or misleading claims of success. For instance, one business opportunity scam claimed that “millions of people have already made their money” with a gumball machine business.

The best way to avoid getting ripped off is to get advice from a professional. Often, they will be able to spot a red flag that you may have missed. They can also be helpful in evaluating your ability to successfully run the business. They can also be a great source of inspiration, providing you with ideas for how to achieve your dreams. A great place to start is with Business Opportunity Watch, a service that does not sell any home businesses or franchises and does not have any links to such opportunities (which could be commission links). With full membership you can instantly search through hundreds of reviews from everyday people with invaluable first hand experience of business opportunities.


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