Bath Balls – Scoring High In the Bathroom Bath Balls A to Z What is so great about those little colored bath balls people are so quick to put in their tubs? Bath balls have long appealed to women,Bath Balls – Scoring High In the Bathroom Articles but recently men and children have discovered the wondrous properties of these fizzy bombs. Following is twenty-six things to love about bath balls. Aromatic – Studies have detailed the benefits of aromatherapy for everything from physical to emotional ailments. Bath Balls come in so many scents you are bound to find a few to benefit what ails you. Bombs – Kids love the idea of thinking of these balls as mini bombs and it makes getting them in the tub so much cost to reseal a bath easier. Colorful – There is a color of bath ball to match every bathroom. Those who take pride in a coordinated look throughout their home will find a bowl filled with colorful bath balls is a perfect decorative touch to the bath area. Delightful – Watching the fizzing bubbles and smelling the scent as it releases delight the senses and makes you feel pampered. Energizing — There are scents that can make you wake up pleasantly. As the odor of orange or other citrus tickles your nose, cobwebs are cleared from your eyes and brain and you step out of the shower ready for whatever adventure the day holds. Flowers — In the middle of a long, cold winter, there is nothing as wonderful as the scent of spring flowers filling a room. Whatever your favorite flower, there is a bath ball that smells like it. Guilt free –Unlike chocolate, you can indulge in the sensation created by bath balls and never feel the guilt of adding weight. This makes the perfect end to a vigorous workout at the gym. Healing – Whether stress, muscle aches or a sinus infection plagues you, a bath bomb will release healing scents that work to alleviate the discomfort and replace it with feelings of calm and health. Invigorating – The fizzy sensation helps get your blood flowing and loosens up old skin, making it easier to end your shower or bath with a rejuvenated feeling. Jasmine – This is one of the most popular scents of bath balls, allowing you a run through summer meadows any time you wish. Kids – There are so many fun scents and shapes, your kids will never give you a problem at bath time again. They may even ask for one! Love – Adding a sensual scent to your bath adds more romance to an evening alone with your love, making it even more wondrous. Masculine — Men will find scents available that bring out the feeling of manly strength, while at the same time creating clarity of mind. Natural – Most bath balls are made with ingredients that come straight from the Earth, making them safe for both you and the environment. One Size Fits All – You don’t have to worry about returning bath balls because they don’t fit. No matter who you are, they are always the perfect size. Potent – One bath with a bath ball can make you entire outlook change into one of invincibility, with the competence to conquer the world. Quiet – Daily life is so full of constant noise that a lingering bath is often welcome. Bath Balls will enhance the quiet time. Refreshing — After your bath or shower, your skin, mind and soul will feel cleansed and refreshed. Sensuous – With the proper scent, you can go from parent to sensuous lover in the time it takes to shower or bathe. Traditional – As far back as ancient Egypt, people have experienced the benefits of scented baths with healing herbs. Uncomplicated – Life is so full of decisions to make, plans to conceive and problems to solve; a bath ball is simply placed under running water and it does all the work itself, leaving you free to enjoy. Versatile – You can use a bath ball in the shower or the tub, at home or away. There is a scent and color for every taste and every mood. Water – There is no need for a complicated recipe or long list of steps to take. Add water is the only instruction—isn’t simple grand? Xanthic acid – This is one thing you won’t find in a bath ball, along with a host of other unpronounceable words. Most are made from common ingredients we all know and love. Yawn — Even the most persistent case of insomnia can be cured with a bath ball of lavender and a tub of hot water. Zip – What happens to all the stress and discomfort when you are through with your bath; they are zipped into an invisible safe keeping them away from you. There you have it, twenty-six reasons to visit a place like the one on the right side of this page and take a look around. You did something today that deserves a treat—and now you have even more reasons to indulge in the pleasure of a bath ball.


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